Community Directional and Wayfinding Signs

Our community sign packages cover all the bases with the exception of ADA signs. We can fabricate the Main Entry EPS Monument Signs along with the coordinated building and post mount directional signs.

These coordinated packages provide compatible materials and consistent themed appearance throughout the community. HDU Community Sign packages can include post and panel information signs and wayfinding signs, directional post mount signs, building number signs, unit number signs, stop signs, block letters, plaques, medallions, logos and any application where smooth finishes and fine detail are required.

HDU signs can be routed with raised copy and borders and 3-D detail, engraved with V-Groove inset elements or smooth sanded with direct digital prints. Premium wood grain routing is also available.

We can include angle back brackets to install post mount signs and studded backs for larger building signs. In some cases, PVC Backers are laminated to the backs of HDU signs for stiffening and rigid mechanical attachment points.

To complete the package, we provide interior office signs and 3-D room décor elements.

The FBD Signs Advantage

  • Highest Quality HDU Raw Material
  • Large Size Seamless Fabrication with Laminated Backer for Panels over 10’ long
  • Studded Backers with Template for installation
  • Simulated Sandblast or Premium Woodgrain Routed Backgrounds
  • Smooth Sanded Finishes
  • 3-D Routing for Detailed Elements
  • Hi Resolution Direct Digital Printed Plaques and Emblems
  • Faux Tile, Marble and Granite Finishes to match samples submitted to FBD Signs
  • Raised Copy with Painted Returns
  • Inset V-Groove Routed Copy with Color Fill
  • Raised or Inset Prismatic Copy
  • FCO Letters Laminated to Provide Shadow Contrast
  • Angle Brackets for Post Panel attachment
  • Premium Matthews Automotive Paint
  • Automotive Clear Coat Top Finish