EPS Wall Signs

When your application calls for a more substantial sign with large dimensions, EPS offers an economical, light weight alternative to HDU, metal or wood. EPS can be routed or hot wire cut with raised 3-D features, sculpted to enhance graphics or special effects. In addition, sophisticated architectural designs can be incorporated into these signs. The sign faces can be laminated to rigid backer materials for mounting and can be fabricated in one piece for oversized signs.

EPS Wall Signs typically will have a light sand or smooth sand texture finish. Premium Class A sanded finishes are also available, but not recommended, since EPS is less dense and difficult to achieve a smooth surface for finishing.

Letters and graphics can be either routed HDU or PVC, depending on your preference. All raised elements are fully painted, including the returns, and finished with a clear coat finish to enhance resistance to UV and weather fading.

Other applications for EPS include replacement sign faces, block letters, large wall displays and logo or trademark displays.

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